The Reincarnation Station

Zelf geloof ik er geen knijt van, maar een testje was alweer zo lang geleden.
The Reincarnation StationIt is a widely-accepted fact that when person dies, he or she is born into a new existence as another form of life. Exactly what form that new life takes depends on how that person lived their previous life. Those who live honest, virtuous lives often return as powerful, well-respected creatures. Those who live of hates [sic] and sin, however, typically return as lower forms of life. Answer the following questions honestly, and it shall be told what form you are to be reborn upon your death in this life.

Your next life shall be as... A giraffe. Almost 30% of people will be reincarnated as a higher form of like then you. You're not perfect but you've lead a better life than most. With a few changes now, your next life could be even better.
Doe zelf de test; via Dramoghe (die overigens een pauw zal worden).
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