55 cent

Voor 55 cent heb je 2 euro, ten minste als je Turkse connecties hebt.
Turkey has introduced the New Turkish Lira. To simplify the Turkish monetary system, all six nils have disappeared from coins and banknotes. However, some of the new coins look very similar to Eurocoins. Especially the new 1 Lira resembles the 2 Euro a lot, not only in appearance but in size and weight as well.

In Germany the new Turkish coins are found in vending machines regulary already. The value of a Lira is just 55 Eurocents. Protecting vending machines against the Turkish coin is possible, but costly.
Da's wel economisch voordelig, zo'n korting van ca. 75% bij alles dat je uit een automaat koopt. Het muntje in kwestie ziet er trouwens zo uit.
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